Black Friday breaks records… again

Despite unpredictable market conditions across the globe, Black Friday has continuously grown in recent years, with consumers eagerly hunting for the best deals. This year, Black Friday saw total sales surpassing £1.04 billion according to Adobe Analytics[1], representing a remarkable 4.1% increase compared to last year. These figures highlight the immense buying power and enthusiasm of consumers during this shopping event and therefore, a massive opportunity for retailers.

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Over 45 million Data Validation requests in one day

This year, we held a poll on LinkedIn asking our audience to guess the number of Data Validation requests we would receive this Black Friday. 72% of respondents correctly anticipated another strong Black Friday performance, guessing there would be more than 40 million requests over the biggest shopping day of the year.

Customer Data Validation are on the increase

Experian globally handled more than 45 million Data Validation requests over Black Friday, with nearly 40 million Address Validation requests and 5.7 million Email Validation requests.

In total, we saw a 4% growth in Address Validations and an 80% growth in Email Validation from last year. The performance increase can be attributed to retailers knowing the importance of Data Validation in achieving success during this kind of shopping event: reliable addresses are essential for precise delivery and cost savings, plus high-quality email and phone data allow retailers to optimise their marketing and communication efforts post Black Friday.

Nearly three quarters of our LinkedIn audience successfully guessed the number of this year’s Black Friday Data Validation requests. The accuracy of the prediction showcases the market’s understanding of the importance of accurate Data Validation in managing the intensity of Black Friday sales. Moreover, it validates the market’s confidence and belief in the strength and stability of our solutions, which continue to scale to the largest volumes we’ve ever seen to ensure our customers collect high quality, accurate contact data.

The importance of Data Validation

Data Validation provides a solid foundation for successful customer interactions and transactional processes. Businesses can use this data to enhance their marketing efforts, improve customer journeys, and ultimately drive increased revenue. With reliable customer data, retailers can maximise their sales performance during this period and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

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Data Quality is a must-have for retailers to strategically reach customers and deliver a seamless experience across the customer journey.

Black Friday might be over, but it’s never too late to start validating your data to improve customer experience throughout the year.

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