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Can you trust that the contact data you hold on your customers and prospects is accurate and up to date? Today’s smart validation solutions can help you verify your customers’ phone, email and address details. They also hook into your existing CRM and ERP systems to make the process painless and quick. Find out more using the links below.

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Contact Data Validation

Whatever your problem, Experian is here to help. Click on one of the titles below to find out how our products and services can help you validate contact details and ensure the data you capture is accurate.

Email remains a powerful messaging tool, but sometimes customers accidentally fill in the wrong details, or scammers try to flood your lists with fake sign-ups to harm your reputation. Tools like Experian’s Email Validation can verify addresses as they’re entered, suggesting corrections for invalid entries. They also check that email addresses are genuine, which reduces bounce rates and the chance of your emails being blocked as spam.

Stay in touch

If your contact information is wrong or out of date, your emails won’t reach your prospects’ inboxes and you’ll be unable to make contact. A product like Experian’s Email Validation helps ensure you’ve got the right information so that your messages can be delivered to both existing customers and potential leads.

Improve deliverability rates

Fake or incorrect emails result in bounces, which in turn impacts your reputation as a sender and reduces deliverability. By validating your email lists you’ll keep your bounce rates low and ensure your emails don’t fall foul of anti-spam tools. Experian’s Email Validation goes further, automatically suggesting corrections as emails are entered if they’re invalid.

Prevent unwanted sign-ups

In addition to harming your email deliverability rates, inaccurate, fake and harmful email addresses aren’t credible prospects. Ensuring the contact details you capture are valid means your sales and marketing teams don’t waste time and effort chasing non-existent leads.

Streamline your processes

Going through your email address lists manually is both costly and time-consuming. An automated API like Experian’s Email Validation captures and verifies email addresses as they’re entered to ensure you gain genuine, error-free email addresses at the point of first contact. Going forward, you can save more time by making use of a third-party data-auditing service, such as Experian’s Professional Services team, to regularly check and update your lists so they remain complete and accurate.


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