What is e-series Insurance? [top]

E-series insurance provides access to Experian's e-mid and e-claims enquiry systems.

E-mid lets authorised users query the Motor Insurance Database, which holds the policy details of all individually insured UK motor vehicles (approximately 22 million).

E-claims provides the ability to search the Motor and Home claim files, (depending on the type of enquiry requested), corroborate the claims found against the enquiry and determine the scope of the information to be reported. E-claims Personal Injury provides the ability to Add, Update and Search Personal Injury claims, including the ability to electronically notify new claims to the Department of Work and Pensions, Compensation Recovery Unit (CRU)

How does e-series Insurance work? [top]

Once the client has registered for the service and installed a certificate, the client can choose to do a MID or Claims search by choosing the relevant product from the e-series Insurance homepage. Alternatively, to go straight to the MID, go to www.midcheck.com, or for Claims, go to www.cuecheck.com



How do I do a search? [top]

  1. Go to the e-series Insurance Website (www.uk.experian.com/insurance).

  2. Select required product - MID or CUE.

  3. For CUE, click the Home, Motor or PI button depending on whether you want to do a Home or Motor claim enquiry or Personal Injury Claim Adds, Updates, Searches. For MID, click the MID button. (Your browser may prompt you to select the appropriate digital certificate.)

  4. For searches, complete the search form then click Submit.

How much information must I enter to do a search? [top]

You must complete all the mandatory fields. Mandatory fields are indicated by an asterisk (*). For CUE Personal Injury, click on the CUE PI button to access the logon screen, enter your ABI Insurer ID Code and click Submit to access the PI system facilities.


How do I open an account? [top]

  1. Go to the e-series Insurance Website
  2. Choose the relevant product - MID or CUE.
  3. Click the Register button.
  4. Complete the account opening form.
  5. Click the Submit button beneath the form.

    Once your form is received and your account is opened a digital certificate is installed on your PC to ensure system security. An Experian representative will contact you directly to guide you through this process and confirm that your account is operational. You are then ready to use e-series Insurance.

Do I have to open an account online? [top]

Can I speak to someone if I need help completing the account opening form? [top]
Yes. Contact the Experian Insurance Services team on
0844 481 8888 or via e-mail at

In case of technical difficulties contact the Experian Service Support Desk on 0870 903 3043.

How quickly can I open an account? [top]
An account can be opened and ready to use in 5 working days.

How quickly can I use the service? [top]
You can use the service immediately after you have authorised your certificate.

Am I bound by a period of time once I open an account? [top]
No. To close the account all Experian needs is 7 days notice in writing. There are no minimum commitment or licence fees to use e-series Insurance.

What if I have several outlets? [top]
Each PC that requires access to e-series Insurance needs to have its own digital certificate. Complete an account opening form for each PC, remembering to use the same head office number and invoicing address. The details of the digital certificate are sent via e-mail. We suggest organisations that will access e-series Insurance from many different PCs contact Experian directly on 0844 481 8888 (see the customer services page under contact us above for more help).

Is the personal information I enter on the account application form confidential? [top]
Yes. Your details are protected by UK Data Protection Laws and are not disclosed to anyone other than Experian.

Do I need to send any documentation in the post? [top]
No, the entire process is carried out online and over the telephone.

How do I close an account? [top]
Write to Experian quoting your name, retailer billing address number, address and postcode. Your account will be closed 7 days from receipt of the letter and a closing statement will be sent to your head office for final settlement.


What is Secure Access? [top]
Secure Access is a digital certificate that allows Experian to create a secure channel between your PC and our mainframe computer. Your secure access digital certificate will be installed as part of our account opening process. Once installed, you will be informed of your certificate information by e-mail. You will then be able to use e-series Insurance.

What is a digital certificate? [top]
A digital certificate is an electronic file that is installed on the account holder's PC after the account is opened. It is a security device that uniquely identifies you each time you use the service.

Why do I need a digital certificate? [top]
The certificate is needed to ensure Experian complies with the Data Protection Act and protects the account holder from unauthorised users and associated costs. Without the certificate the account holder cannot use e-series Insurance.

How many digital certificates do I need? [top]
One certificate is needed for each PC. You can use as many PCs as you need but you must use the same retail head office number to ensure accurate invoicing.

How do I know the service is secure? [top]
The digital certificate installed on your PC ensures that any information transferred between your PC and Experian is encrypted to protect against hackers.


Where is the e-series Insurance Website? [top]
www.uk.experian.com/insurance for the e-series Insurance homepage.
www.midcheck.com for the MID homepage
www.cuecheck.com for the Claims homepage

Why has the Website changed? [top]
Experian are constantly looking at ways to improve its Website. We may have updated our Website since you last used it.


Which Internet browsers can I use to access this site? [top]
To access e-series Insurance without problems you need Internet Explorer 5 or higher, or Netscape 6. Older versions of browsers may have problems accessing this Website. Free downloads for these versions are available from the Microsoft or Netscape Websites.

Can I access this site using a Macintosh computer? [top]
No. You may be able to access the site from a Macintosh computer if you are using Windows emulation software and an appropriate PC version of the browsers mentioned above, but we do not actively support this option.

Do I need to install any special software on my PC to use e-series Insurance? [top]
No. e-series Insurance is hosted on the Experian Website and access is via a Web browser (Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 or higher, or Netscape 6).


Is there someone I can speak to if I can't use the service? [top]
Yes. For account set-up queries phone 0844 481 8888. For technical queries please see the customer services page under contact us above, and be ready to quote the e-series Insurance and your individual account number.

Will I get charged for calling the Experian Service Support Desk? [top]
Yes. All calls are charged at national rates.

What are the opening hours of the Experian Service Support Desk? [top]

Technical queries on 0870 903 3043

Mon - Fri: 08:00 - 21:00 GMT
Sat: 06:00 - 18:00 GMT
Sun: 08:30 - 16:30 GMT


I can not use the site. What should I do? [top]

  • Make sure you have a suitable Web browser installed. You need Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 or higher, or Netscape 6. You can get free upgrades to these browser versions from the Microsoft or the Netscape Websites.
  • Make sure you have correctly installed the digital certificate. You can call the Experian Service Support Desk on 0844 481 8888.
  • Make sure you can access the Internet by pointing your browser to other sites, for example the home page of your Internet Service Provider.
  • If you still cannot access the site contact the Experian Service Support Desk on 0844 481 8888.

Why can't I successfully use e-series Insurance? [top]
Before you can use our Website to buy information we need to ensure you have a secure connection to Experian. To achieve this you need to open an account or request that we activate your access if you already have an Experian account.

Why can't I access e-series Insurance from other PCs? [top]
To ensure a secure environment for the exchange of data it is necessary to install and register the secure access digital certificate on each PC you use to access e-series Insurance. If you need additional certificates contact us by email or phone.


Who should I ring for network errors? [top]
The Experian Website does not use your network so it is unlikely that any network messages are a result of using our Website. You should contact your PC support specialists or network helpdesk.

If you are experiencing problems when attempting to e-mail us from your office PC it is possible that an e-mail service has not been included as part of your browser installation. Your company may also have a firewall installed that limits your capabilities when using the Internet.

Can Experian help me if I have problems with my PC? [top]
No. Experian are not PC suppliers and therefore we cannot provide support for PCs. You should contact your PC support specialists directly.

Can Experian help me if I have problems with my ISP? [top]
No. Experian are not Internet Service Providers (ISP). We cannot provide support or assistance for any Internet service except our own. If you cannot access Experian's Internet pages you should check your Internet connection and ensure you can log onto your ISP home page before contacting us. If you cannot log onto your ISP home page, you should contact your Internet Service Provider or PC support specialists if you connect via a corporate network.


Who are Experian? [top]

Experian helps organisations find the best prospects and make fast, informed decisions to improve and personalise their relationships with their customers. It does this by combining sophisticated and intelligent decision-making software and systems with some of the world's most comprehensive databases of information on consumers, businesses, motor vehicles, property, insurance claims and policies. Through multi-channel delivery of its Web-based products and services, Experian enables its clients to conduct secure and profitable e-business and develop state-of-the-art CRM systems for communicating and building one-to-one relationships with customers. Experian has headquarters in Nottingham, UK, and Orange, California. Its 12,000 people support clients in over 50 countries. Annual sales exceed 1 billion.

For more information visit the company's Web site on www.uk.experian.com.

Is Experian an Internet Service Provider (ISP)? [top]

If these questions and answers do not help you then please see "Contact Us" for details on how to contact us.