UK Marketing Summit 2013

Experian Marketing Services is delighted to announce the 2013 UK Marketing Summit. Join us at 200 Aldersgate, London on the 19th September discover how today's hyper-connected consumers are creating a paradigm shift for marketers and explore how cross-channel data, insight and technology can help you deliver intelligent interactions with these consumers – every time.

Join us at this event to:

  • Hear how senior marketing professionals from leading organisations engage with their customers
  • Explore the latest developments and trends in consumer insights, targeting and cross-channel marketing
  • Network with your marketing colleagues and peers and share best-practice and learning.

Today’s savvy customers

It’s never been tougher to engage with customers. New technology has given them access to more information than ever before and they know more about your products and competitors than you can possibly imagine. 

Mobile devices and increased connectivity allow them to read emails, browse websites, make calls and much more at all times of the day wherever they are – and individual behaviours vary so much that no two customers are the same! 

Our UK Marketing Summit will help you to understand the behaviours of individual customers and show you how cross-channel data, insight and technology can help you deliver intelligent interactions - every time.

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