Our core capabilities


We provide our customers with better results than any of our competitors, by offering a greater breadth of information, for example:

  • Our consumer database holds information on 45 million UK customers. We process more than 1.5 million credit reports each week
  • Our National business database records 4 million limited and non limited active UK businesses with over 5 million contact names
  • We hold marketing lifestyle data on 49.7 million individuals in the UK, including 33 million email address and 20 million mobiles.
  • AutoCheck in the UK holds live data on 31 million vehicles and over 90 million DVLA registration records.


Our pioneering, innovative products are delivered at pace, to help consumers and organisations to make critical decisions in a timely and consistent manner. For example, Experian’s market leading product, CEMS for Application Processing, uses the latest web services, to optimise customer acquisition in real-time for our clients.

We have combined our data assets, analytical capabilities and strategy decisioning software, together with over 25 years of experience, to meet the growing needs of the financial services market.

We have also become a trusted intermediary on the Internet. CreditExpert, our online credit monitoring and identity fraud protection membership service in the UK, helps consumers to monitor their credit records. 20 million people have already checked their free Experian credit report.


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