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Check a company instantly and simply

Experian Business Check allows you to instantly check a company or director credit report online, allowing you to make quick, informed decisions about who you do or don't do business with. Starting from as little as £8.99 for an overview report you will have access to the latest credit information about your customers and suppliers. If you need more detailed reports then you can pull full business credit reports from £13.99 for a Non Limited Business and £17.99 for Limited Businesses.

How it works

  • You search online for the business or director you want to check
  • You download an instant report - basic or full and add optional alerts
  • See a clear picture of a company’s financial status and directors

Why use Business Check?

  • Avoid bad debt and cash flow issues by checking a business
  • Take the right action when faced with payment problems
  • Know who you are talking to with director information and company structure

*  From £8.99 for an overview report

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