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Business Express

A supplier check can make all the difference

Your suppliers can seriously affect the quality of your products/services and your ability to deliver on your promises. If a supplier lets you down, you let your customers down. This can damage your businesse’s reputation and delay important payments. Choosing a supplier without seeing their business report could cost you valuable customers, time and money.

Getting a business report to check suppliers helps establish their stability and their ability to provide a quality service, in both the medium and long term. Choosing a reliable, financially stable supplier means that you can be confident you can always fulfil commitments to your customers.

A supplier check can help you choose the right people to work with

Business Check from Experian allows you to take an inside look at your current or potential suppliers.
A business report lets you check suppliers by seeing information on:

  • The stability of suppliers by seeing their credit score
  • The future reliability of suppliers with alerts on any changes in their status

With accurate information from a supplier check profile, you can make the right choices for your business.


*From £8.99 for an overview report

How it works

  • You search online for the business or director you want to check
  • You download an instant report - basic or full and add optional alerts
  • See a clear picture of a company’s financial status and directors

Why use Business Check?

  • Avoid bad debt and cash flow issues by checking a business
  • Take the right action when faced with payment problems
  • Know who you are talking to with director information and company structure
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