Request a credit review report for your company

Do you need a specialist review of your credit profile?

There are times when companies – through no fault of their own – are refused credit. If your credit score needs improving or you’ve been refused credit, our review service will help you determine the reason and give you practical guidelines for improving your score. We use sensitive information that stays out of the public eye to clarify your credit score.

This is a one-off specialist service, which could result in an increased score and improved risk rating for your business. In order to start the review service, you will need to have 6 months positive management accounts.

Why use a credit review service

  • Review statutory accounts
  • Analyse previous search information
  • Identify reasons for credit refusal

Key features

  • Takes into account data sourced from outside the public realm
  • Review of business plans, won contracts and dividends
  • Analysis of previous search information, working with you to realise the impact of credit searches on your report and adjust the scoring should there be a clear business reason behind them taking place
  • Review of signed management/draft or later statutory accounts which you can automatically upload using our CreditPal service. If you choose to use CreditPal the Credit Review Service is reduced to £149.99. Terms and conditions apply.
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