2001 Census

Understand the demographics and socio-economics of local areas

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One of the foundations to understanding customers, prospects and local markets is the 2001 Census. Covering all households it provides a unique insight into socio-demographic composition of the United Kingdom.

How can we help you?

National and local government use the Census to understand the demographic and social characteristics of the population and to plan the provision of services and amenities.

Commercial organisations use the Census as a major input to their strategic thinking and tactical marketing.

A few key facts

  • Experian has been processing Census data for over 30 years. It collates this information into a single database to avoid organisations having to waste time in processing it themselves.
  • Census data is available in a series of ready to use datasets that contain all of the most relevant information that you require.
  • Experian's Census data is fully consistent with the rest of our consumer segmentation, local area data, and geographies.
  • Census information is available in a variety of formats including reports, maps, electronic data files, via the Internet, as pre-packaged datasets or within Experian's desktop mapping software, Micromarketer Generation3.

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