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Experian CheetahMail is the trusted provider of online marketing services for top enterprises worldwide. Offering industry-leading email marketing and customer intelligence solutions, as well as providing a broad range of client services, Experian CheetahMail enables clients to build data-driven, relevant relationships with their customers.

How can we help you?

CheetahMail advanced technology helps marketers better understand the online behaviour of their customers and prospects, communicate with them more effectively, and measure ROI.

A few key facts

  • Our market-leading email platform is scalable, reliable, and secure, giving marketers worldwide the ability to implement the most sophisticated and seamless email communication programmes. Guaranteed 99% system uptime.
  • Our deliverability rates — up to 98% — are the best in the industry, ensuring that your messages reach the customer.
  • We feature the largest client services team in the industry, providing account management, strategy, data analytics, creative services, implementation and technical support to our global client roster.
  • Choose from our flexible service options to meet your unique business needs. Whether full-service, self-service, or somewhere in between, you can customize your partnership with us to receive exactly the amount of support necessary to enhance your programme.

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