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What can it do for me?

Ledger360 is an innovative software product that allows you to query your sales ledger or multiple ledgers from multiple sites at the touch of a button. By providing an instant snapshot solution, if you're involved in controlling, maintaining, understanding and reporting on single or multiple ledgers across an entire organisational structure, then you are sure to benefit from seeing the full picture.

How can we help you?

The issue of managing complex sales ledgers is an ongoing one and is discussed within credit communities across the globe. We've been working with our customers to develop this simple and highly effective solution to resolve all of those frustrations at the touch of a button.

"We are confident that a significant amount of bad debt will be mitigated or completely avoided as a result of using Commercial Autoscore and Ledger360."

Emma Castle
Payments & Policy Manager, npower

A few key facts

  • The improvement in data quality will help you to understand the data contained within your sales ledger and ensure you can work with it to reduce your bad debt.
  • See whether you are being paid as quickly as other suppliers, get a fresh view of your total risk exposure and prioritise collections strategies.
  • Benefit from access to current and historical trend information.

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