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Vital protection against mileage fraud

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What can it do for me?

Are you risking your reputation - and more? As the mileage of a vehicle forms part of its trade description, inadvertently selling a vehicle with inaccurate mileage information leaves you liable for prosecution under the Unfair Commercial Practises Directive. As a result, you could face heavy fines, serious damage to your reputation, review and possible loss of your Consumer Credit License.

How can we help you?

In the fight against mileage fraud, Vehicle Mileage Check protects you and your clients. Our mileage investigation experts will carry out a thorough investigation to verify the acuracy of any vehicle's mileage. This includes contacting the previous owners and cross-referencing with trusted sources, such as the DVLA. This service helps protect you from prosecution by showing that you have undertaken the necessary due diligence to prove the mileage stated on the vehicle is accurate.

"...we need a supplier of provenance services that we can trust… Experian is now helping us to ensure we can offer our customers a risk-free used Citroën."

Michael Brown
Head of Vehicle Remarketing, Citroën

A few key facts

  • Experian's Mileage Database consists of information from the country's longest established mileage investigation company, VMC, which holds mileage information dating back over 25 years.
  • Experian works in partnership with Lawco Consultancy Ltd. to provide clients with help and advice on any Trading Standards related issues.

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