Experian Rental Exchange

Enabling social housing tenants to build credit history

This project will bring large numbers of low income tenants into the mainstream economy.

Nigel Kershaw OBE,
CEO, Big Issue Invest

Help build better futures

Big Issue Invest and Experian have partnered to tackle the financial, digital and social exclusion challenges faced by social housing tenants in the UK.

The Rental Exchange is a secure and compliant way to include a tenant’s payment history in their credit file. It will help tenants to:

  • Build a positive credit history and help qualify for more and lower-cost payment plans
  • Create ‘online’ proof of identity - increasingly important when applying for goods or services

Signing up is simple

Contact us about joining the Rental Exchange – it is free of charge

Step one: Share data for analysis to demonstrate the benefits to your tenants

Step two: Work with us to set up a regular feed of actual payment data

Why join?

Many low income people are excluded from affordable credit due to an information gap in their credit history.

A proof concept study showed that around 30 per cent of social housing tenants – over 1.5 million people – could be affected by improvements in credit decisions if rent data were shared. Significantly, up to 40 per cent currently fail an electronic identity check. Rent data sharing will help improve this situation significantly.

The majority of low income tenants pay their rent on time, so this development will see new positive information added to their credit report.

The impact of Welfare Reform and changes to Housing Benefit makes this initiative more relevant than ever before.

We are working with housing providers, local authorities and key stakeholders across the public and voluntary sectors to collect up-to-date rental payment information on tenants living in social housing and feeding this data into the Experian Rental Exchange.

The more data that starts coming into the Rental Exchange, the sooner we can work towards building tenants credit scores and ultimately enable access to more affordable credit. Our aim is that data will start to be incorporated into credit scoring early 2014.

Tenants will be provided with full information and support services to explain how credit reports are used via their landlord.


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