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Are you ready to export?

Posted on Feb 06 2016 by

The government has made it a priority in recent years to increase the UK’s exporting activity providing lots of support especially to SMEs who want to exploit this opportunity. Six out of ten UK SMEs anticipate doing business internationally In 20161, according to research. UKTI reveals UK businesses that export, on average, experience 34 per cent […]

How can you attract new customers?

Posted on Feb 02 2016 by

Customers are the lifeline of any business so it’s vital that you not only nurture your existing customers, but continue to look for new ones too. Especially so for businesses that have just entered the market, they tend to have limited resources and marketing budget, as well as not registering a profit from a new customer […]

What is days beyond terms and how can you reduce it?

Posted on Jan 29 2016 by

Days beyond terms (DBT) is a commonly used business credit term that indicates how long a business has taken to pay its invoices beyond the agreed payment terms. Prompt payment of invoices is one of the biggest problems that SMEs face. Just over a half of UK SMEs have to wait 30 days or more […]

Steps to ring in 2016 the right way for your business

Posted on Jan 25 2016 by

A new year calls for a new start. If you’ve made New Year’s resolutions for your business, great! If not, think about taking these positive steps to improve your business for the year ahead. Firstly know your own commercial credit report Your credit report is your form of identification in the world of finance and […]

Small business trends and predictions for the 2016

Posted on Jan 21 2016 by

Tax returns 2016 – modernisation of the tax system

Posted on Jan 18 2016 by

It’s that time of year again when the deadline for completing your self-assessment tax returns is just around the corner. Self-assessment is a system HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) uses to collect income tax, where tax is usually deducted automatically from wages; people and businesses with other income must report it in a tax return. […]

Tips to achieving a work-life balance

Posted on Jan 11 2016 by

Research shows that the average entrepreneur or business owner works 44 hours a week as opposed to a full time employee who works 39. The average holiday an entrepreneur takes during the first year of their start-up is 9 days with 63% saying they were busier than when they were employees but 81% were happier […]

Online shoppers are unforgiving – once they’ve gone, they’ve gone for good

Posted on Jan 08 2016 by

Millions prefer buying online to speaking with a salesperson – for everything from financial services, to car insurance and utilities.

Why is your company credit report so important?

Posted on Dec 29 2015 by

It’s simple…whether you’re applying for finance with a lender; credit with another business, competing in a tender process or simply trying to get a good deal on your business mobile contract, your company credit score will play a role. SMEs are particularly vulnerable to economic changes, so a strong credit score can help you to […]

Social media for SMEs – the statistics

Posted on Dec 22 2015 by

Social media plays an important role in online marketing with statistics revealing the huge numbers of people around the world using Twitter (271 million), LinkedIn (300 million) and Facebook (1.2 billion) (1). More and more small businesses are using social media as 26 per cent of SME marketers spend an hour or more on social […]