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Below are the events we will be attending this year. Why not come along and say hello if you wish to discuss the Rental Exchange face to face with one of our team.


Event: Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH)

Date: 23rd - 25th June 2015

Capacity: Exhibiting



Meet the Team

matt spowage

Matt Spowage, Product Manager - Rental Exchange, Experian

My role in the Rental Exchange is to ensure that we deliver all of the benefits promised to tenants, landlords and organisations that use Experian data – this encompasses everything from keeping in line with regulations to ensuring we deliver the best products and services to all. My background in credit data and software delivery at Experian gives me a depth of experience and breadth of knowledge which will make this challenging task possible.

I love the innovation of the Rental Exchange – we’re the first people in the UK to do anything like this. It’s been fantastic that, from the initial ideas of the project with Big Issue Invest right up until the design, the focus has remained on making life easier and fairer for tenants.

mark goodfellow

Mark Goodfellow, Head of Data - Rental Exchange, Experian

I am the Head of Data for the Rental Exchange and it’s my job to get out and about on the road to promote the Rental Exchange and support housing providers with any questions they may have. I’ve worked in the public sector for over 10 years, so I’m well aware of the challenges faced in adopting new processes, which is why I’m on hand to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible.

By working closely with Housing Associations, Local Authorities and ALMO’s, I’ve developed a deeper understanding of their needs alongside their tenants’ and how they will benefit from being part of the Rental Exchange programme.

michelle decelis

Michelle Decelis, Data Consultant - Rental Exchange, Experian

I am the Data Consultant for the Rental Exchange, offering support and guidance on all technical aspects and it’s my job to ensure that Housing Associations and landlords understand the data requirements necessary to get involved. I have over 15 years of experience working at Experian so I have a wide knowledge of all the different products and services that we offer.

To me, the Rental Exchange is all about fairness and it is an exciting project to be involved in, especially as it is going to make a big difference and help many people.

john montague

John Montague, Project Lead, Big Issue Invest

I lead on behalf of Big Issue Invest in engaging and supporting tenants and landlords to fully understand the benefits and opportunities that the Rental Exchange can offer. I have worked within the social housing sector for the last 15 years and joined Big Issue Invest in 2012 to support with the delivery of the Rental Exchange and other innovative social value projects.

I’m proud to be involved in the Rental Exchange, providing financial and social equality for millions of families across the UK.

sarah forster

Sarah Forster, Director of Development, Big Issue Invest

I am the Director of Development at Big Issue Invest and my role is to help engage social landlords, banks and other organisations that will eventually use the data to ensure it delivers benefits to tenants. I have over 20 years’ experience working on financial inclusion initiatives, both in the UK and in developing countries.

What I love about the Rental Exchange is that it levels the playing field - providing fair access to affordable credit and services for all.


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