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PowerCurveâ„¢ Customer Management

         Decision Management

PowerCurve Customer Management creates a unique profile for each customer, encompassing their entire relationship with your organisation. This dynamic profile can include scores and metrics for risk, profitability, propensity to pay and lifetime value. 

The PowerCurve platform makes it easy to incorporate new data sources that further enrich profiles. This comprehensive customer view is key to accurately identifying your most valuable customers and those with potential to become more valuable. It’s also vital to create powerful segmentation schemes that drive personalisation across all of the customer’s interactions.

How can Experian help you to manage your customers?

  • Increase take-up rates with relevant offers
  • Free staff to focus on sales and customer retention
  • Focus resources on highest value customers
  • Reduce bad debt levels and manage overall exposure


PowerCurve™ Customer Management



Keep and manage good customers: Collections strategies

Today’s collections landscape is complex. Debtor behaviour is changing, making it difficult to determine the best approach for each customer.

Meanwhile regulators want businesses to determine the initial and ongoing suitability of products based on individual customer circumstances while still providing consumers with choices.

Balancing these two factors is a challenge for lenders who need to quantitatively prove that their customer decisioning processes are fair, according to regulatory guidelines.



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