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Instant access to business credit reports

Check a company instantly and simply

Experian business credit reports enable you to instantly check a company online, allowing you to make quick and informed decisions about potential customers and suppliers. Single business credit reports gives you quick and simple access to online business reports and directors information from as little as £24.99 + VAT per report.

Know who you’re dealing with

  • By checking your customers
  • By checking the people behind a business
  • By checking your suppliers

Get paid on time

  • By knowing if a company is financially stable
  • By seeing a company's credit rating
  • By finding out how quickly a business pays its invoices
Buy a report for £24.99 + VAT

£18.99 after first transaction or order

Check your suppliers stability and reliability

Your suppliers can affect the quality of your products/services and your ability to deliver your promises. If a supplier lets you down, you let your customers down. This can damage your business' reputation and delay important payments. Choosing a supplier without seeing their business report could cost you valuable customers, time and money.

Getting a business report to check suppliers helps establish their stability and ability to provide a quality service, in both the medium and long term. Choosing a reliable, financially stable supplier means that you can be confident you can always fulfill commitments to your customers.

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How it works


You search online for the business you want to check


You get an instant report


See a clear picture of a company’s financial status and directors

Full Business Credit Report - from £24.99 + VAT, valid for 90 days


Business identification - see a business’ age, registered number, registered office, website address, telephone number and industry type.


Credit Rating - get a full credit assessment that includes a risk score for the last 12 months and a risk summary, a credit limit, failure odds, CCJs and alerts.


Public record information - find out any County Court judgments (CCJs), legal notices, mortgages, charges and satisfactions and consumer credit licences.


Detailed payment information - see a full payment summary, including Days Beyond Terms (DBT) for the last 12 months, average DBT, payment performance by size of account, payment by different terms, a list of unpaid accounts and if the company has a consistent payment pattern.


Financial information (latest year) - get a good overview of company/business financials with a detailed balance sheet, cash flow items, profit and loss, company ratio and disclosure items and an accounts summary showing total turnover, profit margins, total assets and shareholder funds.


Director’s information - information on company directors includes their name, age, nationality and date appointed.

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