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About Business Express

This is the new name for Experian – Riskdisk. Still providing the same great service and functionality.

Business Express is a single sign on portal that combines and updates our Riskdisk credit and B2BListBuilder marketing tools and provides a platform that will enable us to deliver a range of other products from Experian’s vast portfolio.

We source data from Companies House, the London, Edinburgh and Belfast Gazette’s, Registry Trust Ltd, business directories; we constantly scan media and other sources for insolvencies and we have 30,000 business users who provide us with alerts and information. All this can add up to over 100,000 data updates every day and enables us to produce accurate, up-to-date credit reports on registered and non-registered business in the UK, accessible 24/7.

Full details from the last 3 sets of accounts filed, details of the directors and shareholders, any adverse data like court actions or worse, identity history, search history and the Business Express credit score and limit. Plus, details of the number of days-beyond-terms it takes the business to pay invoices.

We process and publish information as soon as we receive it, so our products are as up to date as possible. We also proactively source, update and correct information throughout the day.

The cost of calling an 0844 number is made up of two parts: an ACCESS CHARGE going to your phone company, and a SERVICE CHARGE set by the organisation you are calling. The SERVICE CHARGE for 0844 numbers from Experian is 7p per minute. You can find out the ACCESS CHARGE for this number, which is the rest of the call cost – from your phone company.

Product related questions

Financial data is taken from the accounts filed at Companies House and analysed by our Experian experts.

Small companies with a turnover of £6.5 million are exempt from filing these figures – if they file them we publish them.

If they’ve filed full accounts as opposed to abbreviated accounts, there is more data to capture.

Minimise the risk of bad debt, improve cash flow, offer the right amount of credit and take action against late payers.

Our reports are concise and user friendly. They will provide an ‘easy to view’ suggested credit limit.

Our credit score will take into consideration numerous factors including size and age of business, industry sectors, CCJ’s and bankruptcies.

A credit limit represents the maximum recommended credit exposure at any point in time.

A credit rating is typically the level of credit that might be required by a company, from one of its suppliers, over a 30-day trading period.

It depends on their status and what type of accounts they’ve filed, i.e. non trading/dormant accounts. It could also indicate there is adverse information.

Our risk assessment will give a summary of the reason for the suggested credit limit.

This provides sales ledger information on how a business is paying its suppliers. Payment Performance providers will come from all industries including telecommunications, utilities and banks to name a few.

6000 companies provide this data to us.

Contact Customer Support at Experian Business Express –

We receive data from several sources. Any adverse data is uploaded to our website regularly throughout the day. By adding companies you trade with to your monitoring list you can get email alerts as soon as new data is received and decide if you need to review the credit you are currently extending to them.

Email alerts are sent several times throughout the day. Our website is constantly updated.

We manually input and upload to our website Administrations/winding ups from the Gazettes within minutes of it being released.

Yes – scanned copies of the original document filed with Companies House are available for download from the ‘Documents’ tab within the company report.

Select from the printed report options in the top right, customise the sections you want to and click print.

Yes these are available on request at

Call us: 0844 481 0028 or Click on the Live Chat link on our website.

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