What are County Court Judgments?

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County Court Judgments (CCJs) are judgments that a county court issues when a business has failed to pay money that it owes. A CCJ is ‘satisfied’ if paid and ‘unsatisfied’ if unpaid. If paid within 30 days, the ‘satisfied’ CCJ may be removed from the published record. The reason for this is that a dispute between two businesses may go to the County Court and the judge will decide who is right. Provided any resulting CCJ is promptly paid, it is reasonable that no negative conclusion should be drawn.

If it is paid after 30 days, the satisfied CCJ will remain on public record. If a CCJ is unpaid, it will remain published as unsatisfied. It is possible for a CCJ to be made without the business against whom the claim was made being aware. In these cases, an application may be made to the court for the CCJ to be ‘set aside’. If the judge is persuaded to do so, notification of set aside status is made and another date set for the case to be heard.

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