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Vehicle Owner Tracking - the simple way to complete a vehicle owner check

Keeping your vehicle databases up to date is an essential part of good dealership marketing practice. It can help you target your existing customers effectively, encouraging profitable servicing revenue and repeat vehicle sales. Database maintenance can be time consuming and without access to the relevant sources to complete a vehicle owner check you may not know where to start. Using DVLA data, Vehicle Owner Tracking is the simple way to remove the hard work and reap the benefits of a consistently accurate customer database.

What is Vehicle Owner Tracking?

Vehicle Owner Tracking is a quick and easy service that checks your vehicle owner database against the DVLA’s automotive customer data to identify the number of vehicles that are no longer owned by your customers, as well as supplying you with first registration dates.

How can Vehicle Owner Tracking help you?

  • Improve customer service levels by talking to customers using accurate information
  • Don’t waste money or resources on out of date communications
  • Personalise your marketing campaigns further with additional customer information.

How does it work?

  • Enhance your vehicle owner database with the most reliable and up to date vehicle information from the DVLA.
  • See the potential savings that you could make with a free health check.

Sweep your database to establish the percentage of customer records that contain out of date vehicle information before you decide to track vehicle ownership.

  • View a detailed report illustrating how your database has been updated.
  • See the percentage of records that have been scrapped, changed ownership or have no change in ownership.

Get your cleansed data plus a detailed report back within five working days and see all the changes shown clearly on a pie chart.

  • Append your customer records with the date of first registration.
  • Send targeted communications by anticipating MOT and service dates.

Enhance your data with even more vehicle information to help ensure that your marketing campaigns are targeted effectively.

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