What is Identity Theft?

It’s the fraudulent practice of using another person's name and personal information in order to obtain credit. An identity thief gets your personal information by practices like stealing your post, using lost or stolen credit cards, or by telephone and email scams - and then they use your details for their own personal gain.

Charges you don’t recognise appear on your statements

You receive calls or letters from collection agencies

Bills arrive from companies you haven’t dealt with

Your credit report contains accounts that you didn’t open, or applications for credit that you haven’t made

How CreditExpert helps protect you from Identity Fraud:


We regularly monitor your credit report for certain changes which could be fraudulent activity - looking for things like new accounts, new applications for credit, and existing accounts falling into arrears. If we spot any of these changes we’ll send you a text or email alert to let you know.

Web Monitoring

We monitor your personal details for you across the web – and alert you if we find possible misuse. This monitoring for email accounts, banking details, passport and other details is 24/7, and if we find your details being traded or used where they shouldn’t be, we’ll send you a text or email.

Support from the Victims of Fraud Team

Once you’ve seen your Experian Credit Report, contact us. If you’re a victim of fraud you’ll be assigned an individual case worker. When you tell them which accounts and applications are fraudulent – your caseworker will investigate and contact the companies and lenders on your behalf. You can contact your caseworker by phone and email throughout the journey, and they’ll update you when we receive replies from the companies involved.

Once it’s all resolved we’ll continue monitoring your report for up to 12 months for any changes which we think might be fraudulent, and we’ll give further advice and support to help protect you in future as long as you are still with Credit Expert.

See the information lenders can use by checking your Experian Credit Report

How we've helped our customers

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You've all been incredibly helpful and wonderful people to talk to about fraudulent financial issues on my account that can be potentially life impacting. It's surpassed my expectations. I thought I was signing up to a big company where issues would fall into the midst, but it feels like you all actually care and work hard to make things right. It's a very refreshing experience.