You're 17 times more likely to suffer a case of fraud than a robbery. *

Help protect yourself before it happens

Fraudsters can use your identity for their own financial gain. This can have a big impact on your finances – they could take money from your bank account or take credit out in your name. And you’re the one who’s left to pick up the pieces.

On average, it takes 292 days to even discover you’ve been a victim of fraud. Thankfully the effects can be reversed in most situations, but that can take another 300 hours. Save yourself the hassle by helping to protect your identity before fraud happens.

We can help you keep your identity safe by keeping an eye on your details and Experian Credit Report to alert you to certain changes that may indicate fraud.

With ProtectMyID, you'll get:


If we spot changes to your Experian Credit Report that may indicate fraud, such as new credit applications or accounts, we’ll let you know - helping you spot it quicker.


If you spot anything suspicious, a dedicated fraud expert will answer your questions and help you deal with the lenders to fix any problems.


If you are at increased risk of fraud, we offer you free Cifas registration. We can also offer other measures to help protect you from becoming a victim of fraud.

Experian Credit Report

We give you a one-off copy of your Experian Credit Report to check for any applications or accounts you don’t recognise. If you see anything suspicious we can help.

After care

Our experts will continue to check your report for 12 months after fraud is first identified and let you know if anything suspicious is found.

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