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Will multiple searches affect my credit score?

Dear James,

I have seen my credit report. Everything is fine but I was turned down a loan by lenders. Do lots of recent searches on my credit report (mortgage application from different lenders) affect my credit score? If it does, how can I repair? 

Dan, Guildford

Dear Dan,

Credit-application footprints can affect your credit score, but other search footprints, such as those created by ID checks or quotations, cannot. While credit-application footprints are not themselves negative, if you collect a lot of them over a short period it can be a cause for concern. This is because a rush of credit applications very close together can be a sign of fraud. It can also indicate that someone is experiencing financial difficulties. This is why we encourage people to space out applications where possible and, importantly, to review credit reports before applying for credit, so that any discrepancies can be rectified before lenders look at the information and register a search. If you’re simply comparing the market and shopping around for the best deal, you shouldn’t submit a full application until you’ve made up your mind which is the best deal for you. Where the price of any credit depends on your credit score, the lender is able to carry out and register a ‘quotation search’ to avoid any confusion. The best way to put your credit report through a health check is to order your Experian Credit Score, which you can do via our CreditExpert service. If you find that your score has taken a bit of a nosedive because of a glut of searches, you should find that your score recovers after a few months, as long as you avoid making further applications for a while. Better still, all searches drop off your credit report completely after 12 months. 

James Sign

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