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Can I clear adverse history left by former tenant?


Dear James,


I have had tenant in a property I own and have evicted them due to none payment of rent. Subsequently, I've received post from various debt agencies and bailiffs. How can I clear the address of any adverse credit references please?



Elizabeth, Birmingham


Dear Elizabeth,

While I understand your concern, this is not something you can actually do. But it’s also not something you need to worry about either. The address will remain a previous address of your tenant and a credit check in their name at the address should reveal any financial information about them registered there. Importantly, though, this information would not be revealed during credit checks on other non-related people at the address. This is because credit checks these days take place on people and not addresses. People’s credit reports can become linked by joint financial activity – such as applying for a loan together – but, other than this, credit reports stay separate. From what you say it sounds like your tenant may have had other debts and it is possible that some of these may continue to be recorded at your property. But he or she is likely to be pursued for any outstanding debts at their new address. Any outstanding debts should therefore be transferred to their new address by the lenders concerned – assuming they have provided one. So please don’t worry about your credit rating or the ratings of any new tenants you take on. And if you do receive debt demands addressed to the former tenant, simply return them to the sender marked ‘no longer at this address’. To save you further hassle and to make sure you don’t end up out of pocket again, you might consider carrying out a tenant check through Experian in the future. Visit our Check My Tenant website for more details.



James Sign

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