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Will my credit rating be the same at each CRA?


Dear James,


Can you get different credit score from a different credit bureau? I'm subscribed with Experian and have watched my score improve to excellent. I do not know what potential lenders buy their reports from.  I’m trying to avoid paying a hefty subscription monthly when I subscribe with different agencies. So my question is if my score is excellent with Experian can it be roughly be the same with another credit reference agency... can you shed some light as I'm soon be applying for a mortgage? 


Shingirai, Belfast


Dear Shingirai,

Congratulations on building an excellent credit history and I’m delighted that you used the Experian Credit Score (ECS) to guide you because that’s exactly why we built it! This score operates on a scale of 0-999 and to be classed as excellent you will have a score of at least 981. The scores provided by other credit reference agencies certainly won’t be the same as they are likely to be built using different scales and different calculations. Furthermore, your Experian credit report won’t be exactly the same as reports held elsewhere either. One of the reasons for this is that not all lenders share customer information with all three agencies. Now if I were about to apply for a mortgage I think I’d check my credit report with all three credit reference agencies, just to make sure there are no problems. And if you do that and find no issues then you will be able to make your mortgage application without any credit history worries.  (December 2013)

James Sign

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