Access Bacs and Faster Payments with our secure payment gateway

Bacs approved payment gateway

Increase efficiency, reduce error and prevent fraud when submitting large volumes of complex payments. With secure access to the UK Bacs and Faster Payments schemes Experian Payment Gateway offers multi-level, controlled access and intelligent reporting.

Experian Payment Gateway is a highly configurable solution that enables you to automate, control and secure your payments process. Monitor your payments processes by using the comprehensive management information and reporting built into Experian Payments Gateway to get the information you need to further improve your payments processes.

Who's it for?

Designed for any organisation submitting to Bacs or Faster Payments Direct Corporate Access (DCA), Experian Payments Gateway is especially suited to large organisations and bureaux as well as those with complex payment requirements or a mission critical reliance on payments.

Key features

  • Multi-level access control and enhanced security
  • Built-in bank account data validation
  • Flexible integration – import payment files in multiple formats
  • Automate processes with flexible configuration and workflow rules

How it works

Experian Payments Gateway provides a secure managed route into the UK Bacs and Faster Payments systems. Access is controlled through multiple levels of authentication which includes the use of smartcards, biometrics and Hardware Security Modules (HSM’s). Multiple payment types including salary payroll, supplier, billing and refunds can be made from a single submission with comprehensive reporting and alerts to make sure that you always know what is happening with your payments. 

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