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Experian Business Credit Reports and Marketing Data

Make better decisions about your business, suppliers and customers.

Manage your business with confidence.

Experian Business Assist Safer

Safer Business

Make safer decisions about
who you work with.

Get full credit reports on any business.

See a detailed picture of your customers and suppliers. Stay safe by only offering credit that is right for you and them. Manage risk, improve cash flow.

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Experian Business Assist Smarter

Smarter Business

Be smarter about how others see your business.

Improve your credit score to unlock opportunity.

Manage, monitor and improve the financial health of your business. Get easier access to finance. Secure better credit terms. Become more appealing to work with.

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Experian Business Assist Brighter

Brighter Business

Create a brighter future
for your business.

Find the right customers, quickly and efficiently.

Build targeted marketing lists with the very latest data. Select companies by business type, size and location. Contact the decision maker, spend less on marketing and create new business opportunities.

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Experian Business Assist: Safer. Smarter. Brighter. Stronger

Steer your business away from hidden threats and towards opportunity

International Credit Reports

Credit check any international company and have peace of mind when doing business overseas.


Ledger Manager

Manage your business cash flow with our ledger software

Single Company Credit Report

Quick and simple access to online business reports and director information from as little as £19.99 + VAT per report

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View our infographics on how to start, manage and grow your business.

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Read the latest business news and articles.

Business Tools

Address specific challenges and find the optimal strategies and solutions for your business with practical expert input


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