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The construction industry requires a large volume of skilled manpower to ensure projects are completed on time and meet regulations. Experian provides a range of construction employee screening checks, which enable you to verify a candidate’s credentials before you employ them.

Relevant Checks

Employee background checks can be adapted based on the role and position you are recruiting for – the more senior the role, the more in-depth checks you may wish to complete. Checks for screening staff in the construction industry include:

Identity Checks

Credit Check

Criminal Records Checks

Identity Check Credit Check Criminal Record Checks
occupational history
Professional Membership Occupational History Education Checks
personal reference checks
Employment Checks Personal Reference


Why Check?

This industry is exposed to high levels of employee risk, especially when considering the constant turnover of contract workers and foreign nationals that may prove harder to check, against the high value of plant and machinery. Our range of checks can be used to screen your entire workforce, including those working in: construction, design, maintenance and repair, manufacturing, and head office support staff.

Time is of the essence for construction staff. With £12billion a year wasted on poor recruitment*, our background checking tools will help improve the speed of recruitment and also save you money by hiring the right people, first time.

Source: * HR Review, Three quarters of UK employers hire the wrong people, October 2011

Beneits of Using Experian

  • Save time by making checks online, using Experian’s  fast, simple and secure online application
  • Gain access to one of the UK’s largest and most trusted databases of consumer information
  • Using a third party provides you with time and cost savings, allowing your staff to concentrate on other important tasks
  • Make the most out of Candidate Verifier with Experian’s dedicated customer helpline and account management team
  • Flexible solution, allowing you to log in at any time to make an application
  • Track applications through real time Management Information
  • Helps you to meet industry regulations and reduce the risk of a non-compliant process

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