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Hospitality Background Checks

Hospitality Background Checks from Experian provide an essential employee screening service for hotels, restaurants, resorts and other recreational facilities. Due to high staff turnovers, businesses in the hospitality sector do not always conduct background checks on their employees. However, candidate screening actually helps to reduce staff turnover through enabling you to recruit a stronger, more dependable workforce from the start.

Relevant Checks


Identity Checks adverse financial check basic disclosure check
Identity Check Credit Check Basic Disclosure


Why Check?

This is a sector in which success depends almost entirely on customer satisfaction. It is therefore vital for businesses to recruit properly screened staff. Hotel and restaurant employees are the single biggest factor in ensuring that your guests have the sort of positive experiences that result in good reviews, return visits and long-term success. Hospitality Background Checks from Experian can instil you with confidence in your staff, greatly reducing the damages to reputation and income that can arise from unhappy and dissatisfied customers.

Hotel and restaurant staff could have access to a guest’s valuables or confidential information, or they might be required to handle food or money. But above all, through engaging closely with guests, employees in this sector are often viewed as direct representatives of your brand and values. Experian Hospitality Background Checks help to ensure that these sensitive, demanding tasks are only ever carried out by people you know you can trust.

Who is it for?

We can run Hospitality Background Checks on staff from all levels of your business. Whether you are recruiting porters, waiting staff, chefs, cleaners, or managerial positions, our streamlined online process and fast UK turnaround times, makes pre employment screening a quick, easy and cost-effective solution.

We can advise you on the sort of Hospitality Background Checks necessary for your business, but it is advised that all checks should start with an Identity Check and a Credit Check. Through consulting the electoral roll and one of the UK’s largest consumer databases, these initial checks ensure that a candidate in indeed who they claim to be. Next, a Basic Criminal Record Disclosure can highlight any red flags in a candidate’s past that could prove problematic for your business.

The Benefits of Using Experian

  • Make more informed hiring decisions for superior customer service and long-term success
  • Reduce employee turnover and safeguard your business from damages to integrity and reputation
  • Streamlined online process, with direct access to data sources and fast UK turnaround times
  • Helps you to meet industry regulations and reduce the risk of a non-compliant process

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