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Forecasting customer debt portfolios and helping utilities mitigate potential write-offs

Experian Economics combines wealth of household level as well as regional and national economic forecasts to help utilities mitigate debt exposure. Thanks to this, we are able to assess both residential and commercial customer debt portfolios.

Residential debt portfolio

Experian’s household economics breaks down the UK households into 60+ segmentation groups, matched at postcode level, which forecasts their income, expenditure by 43 categories and long term unemployment risk. This takes into account not just the national level economic conditions but also the local area economy and industry mix to get closer to the individuals in monitoring their behaviours in paying their bills.
As this analysis drills down to the household level and when we match this with your customer portfolio, it would help utilities:

  • Segment residential clients
  • Identify customers at high risk of unemployment
  • Identify which households should be on a social tariff
  • Predict the likelihood of customers not paying
  • Predict potential write offs

Thanks to such granularity in being able to forecast at customer account level, utilities would be able to re-group the data into future bad debtors or future high risk customers to put in place better strategies.

Utility debt monitoring case studyDownload our utility debt model case study

Commercial debt portfolio

The above method can be applied to SME and I&C customer portfolio as Experian has been providing economic forecasts for 58 sectors at national level right down to the local authorities for more than 20 years. Taking locational and sectoral forecasts, Experian would also be able to marry this analysis with the utilities’ customer payment history and information to forecast debt and potential write offs.


commercial debt portfolio diagram

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