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Utilities - Helping utility companies to manage their portfolios of customer debt, both household and commercial

Utilities are acting up on managing their debt purely with past and current information they hold on customers and their short term payment histories. By the time they come back to review the account, that account may have already fallen into debt due to falling into unemployment and turbulent economic conditions.

How we help utilities

Having worked with utilities for a number of years on providing the industry with cutting edge technology in collections and debt management, Experian are bringing in a fresh concept into this backward looking procedure - looking a few years ahead.

The key questions asked by utilities in order to mitigate debt exposure and minimize write offs are as follows:

  • What does the economic outlook mean for my customers in terms of impact on their incomes and risk of long term unemployment?
  • How would this affect their behaviours towards paying their utility bills?
  • Is there a way of differentiating ‘can’t pay’ and ‘won’t pay’?

Key services

Acquiring the right customers/credit risk management

Experian’s detailed sectoral and consumer economic outlook allows you to assess the current and potential new acquisitions’ longer term performance for the right credit risk policy.

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Forecasting debt and potential write offs

We build bespoke debt forecast models linked to the your customer segments, combining your data and our household and industry level forecasts to predict non-payment under baseline and alternative economic scenarios.

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Scenarios and tariff setting - in-house models

In addition to providing utilities with forecasts on their debt levels, Experian can also build models for your in-house use to run various simulations with full support from us.

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