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Health Commissioner services

Experian provides insight to healthcare commissioners with a single, definitive and consistent view of individuals and their communities.  This helps commissioners to identify which services patients will need now and in the future. to drive out efficiencies while safeguarding patients best interests.

We capture and maintain patient data to create a single patient view enabling commissioners to create a cost effective, optimum engagement strategy with it's local population.



Drive efficiencies through insight

Commissioners need an automated evidence base to make timely and accurate financial decisions.  We can help streamline payments, identify duplicate invoices and provide procurement insights.

Evidenced based commissioning

To commission the right services, organisations must understand their local population.  We can support strategic needs assessments, risk stratification and predictive modelling, and service planning.

Safeguarding through insight

It is essential to have the necessary procedures to safe guard patients and the local population.  We can help to recruit and monitor staff and mitigate the risk of commissioning an unsuitable provider.

Deliver targeted patient engagement

Experian provides accurate understanding of people, place and community. We can help you to create a single patient view, understand individuals, interpret online behaviour, and deliver targeted marketing.

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