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The Customer First Data Breach Response.
A rapidly changing landscape means a radical rethink for UK businesses

Over the last few years the data breach landscape has changed beyond recognition. More than four in ten British consumers (42%) have been affected in some way by a breach and the levels of concern amongst consumers are growing.

But how well are UK businesses equipped to cope with what may amount to a watershed in the UK data breach landscape?

Download our whitepaper on Data Breach Readiness and delve into the facts about where UK businesses stand in relation to their ability to cope with the full impact of a data breach.


Here’s what opinion leaders are saying on The UK Data Breach Landscape

I do think the UK is taking breach, particularly from a privacy standpoint, very seriously, and I do expect that, when the EU passes its new privacy legislation, it will be like the US when legislation became more stringent – you’ll see big changes in the reaction of businesses.

Nick Prescott,
Information Security Manager,
Blackthorn Technologies

We have already reached a situation where the cost of lost business following a breach accounts for almost half of the overall financial impact. The financial ‘halo effect’ has grown rapidly over recent years and will continue to do so. This is an issue that businesses simply cannot afford to ignore.

Jim Steven,
Head of Data Breach Services,


Experian Data Breach Response Services:

Optimise Key Marketing Channels

Business Consultation Services

Businesses need to be pushing their key assets into the channels that are going to resonate with consumers.

Incident Response Service

Incident Response Service

Experian can help to manage the impact of a breach by providing dedicated service management, customer notification planning, media communications toolkits.

Customer Support

Customer Support

Experian Operations are the centre of operational excellence and delivery for UK customers. Experian can provide full contact centre support, credit report monitoring and web monitoring services.

Reporting Suite

Reporting Suite

Experian provides the tracking and reporting required to monitor an organisation’s data breach resolution, reporting back to key stakeholders, and complying with market regulations.

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