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Just imagine feeling confident and secure in the fact that you have made time to prepare your business for a data breach incident. No matter what size of business you are, whether you are small, medium or large you can take proactive steps to prepare for this day.

Data breach incidents unfortunately happen daily across all business sectors and all over the world. When a loss of customers or employees’ personal information is discovered and includes personal information, such as name, date of birth, address, credit card numbers, this has the potential to put individuals at increased risk of identity theft.

With the introduction of General Data Protection Regulation, it is clear businesses need to have a customer response plan prepared in advance. In short, when the risk is high to individuals where personal data has been compromised and results from a data breach then arrangements for them to be notified about the personal information that has been compromised is crucial. This helps those affected to take the appropriate action to protect themselves from the increased risk of fraud.

We created this micro-hub especially for businesses. We’re passionate about helping businesses prepare and increase confidence to notify those individuals affected.

Experian have over a decade of experience helping organisations respond and support their customers and employees in the event of a data breach. So, we’ve created a few proactive steps your business can take to prepare and put a first level response notification plan together.

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Let’s get you ready to respond

Below we’ve outlined some of the crucial steps you can take to prepare your notification to individuals. Just by completing some of these key steps you can begin to build out your plan. The bottom line is when an incident hits there is a lot to contend with and just putting the initial elements of the notification will take some of the heat out of the incident and save important time.

Just complete the following steps to get your first-level response plan in place

Completing your Data Quality Audit

Ensure customer/employee contact data is accurate

Understand where you store your customer/employee contact data and ensure its up-to-date and validated.

Read our hints and tips.

Setting up your Notification Template(s)

Create your customer-facing notification templates

Whether you have just one brand or maybe you have several you will want to be able to react with speed and efficiency and distribute with ease to those effected.

See our sample templates to get you started.

Preparing your Contact Centre Services

Know what your contact centre experts would say

Identifying Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) in advance means you can just add more specific scenario questions at the time of a live incident.

We've included the Top 20 FAQs we’ve seen asked again and again.

Management Information Reports

Managing and keeping stakeholders up to date

Once a live response is underway, you’ll need to keep your various stakeholders up to date on what’s been happening.

Review a sample of our frequently asked for management information.

An Experian Data Breach Response Planning Guide

Read our full Data Breach Response guide

We've created this great guide; it’s been used for some time and we can tell you hundreds of businesses have read this to progress their journey to readiness.

Stay informed so you can prepare confidently.

Would you like to know more about how Experian can help your business?

Below we've outlined some of the key services we provide to businesses prior to an incident and when a live data breach occurs.

Data Breach/Crisis Response Services Overview

Download PDF

Consumer Notification Services (Letter/Email/SMS)

Download PDF

Experian Identity Works Global (Web Monitoring)

Download PDF

Data Breach Readiness - Foundation (Response Ready)

Download PDF

Contact Centre/Live Web Chat/Email Response Services

Download PDF

Crisis Claims Business Contact Centre Services

Download PDF

Data Breach Readiness - Intermediate

Download PDF

Experian Credit/Web Monitoring Services Overview

Download PDF

Data Breach Readiness Reserved Response

Download PDF

Experian Identity Plus (Credit/Web Monitoring, UK)

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