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Every month Experian's James Jones answers a selection of your questions about credit and fraud in this ‘ask the experts’ style column

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James cannot investigate specific queries about your credit report but he can answer more general questions about credit, credit reports, credit decisions and identity fraud. Before submitting your question, please check James has not already answered a similar question.

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James Jones is Experian's Head of Consumer Affairs. In this popular advice column James answers a regular selection of your topical questions about credit reports, credit ratings and identity fraud. You can find the top questions, the latest questions and James’s answers below. You can also read previous Ask James answers in our five archives arranged below by subject, such as ‘Applying for credit’. And you can check out our comprehensive database of Credit Report Help Centre FAQs. If you have a specific question and can’t find an answer here please use the below form to submit a question. If you wish to contact Experian to query something on your credit report, please contact us.

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