Fraud monitoring of existing accounts to highlight any suspicious behaviour

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Account fraud monitoring

Keep your customers safe and happy throughout the whole customer journey.  Regular fraud screenings of your existing accounts help to keep them, and you, protected.  Not all fraud can be identified during the application stage.  Our Fraud Open Account Monitoring service (FOAM) helps to flag any threats that could put your customers and your business at risk.

Who's it for?

Businesses looking to check their existing accounts for potential fraud at a point in time. The service can be run as a one-off review or a regular service.

Key features

How it works

FOAM checks your existing customer records against a range of data sources. Key information from each customer is checked using a set of rules.  Based on these rules, you receive a score for each customer indicating the overall risk of fraud.  If any account data is flagged as suspicious, we show you why in detail. This makes it easier for your investigation team to work the case.  It also helps to give them confidence in who your genuine customers are without having to disrupt your relationship through unwelcome investigations.

If you want to continually apply fraud monitoring to your accounts we offer our ongoing account monitoring service.

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