Background checks

How can you ensure that what you’ve been told is the truth? Background checks don’t necessarily have to be time-consuming and difficult to complete. Armed with strong tools, extensive data and the right processes, you can find out everything you need to know about a potential employee, director or vehicle in a painless and fast manner – with no secrets left hidden.

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Background checks

Whether you’re recruiting new employees, adding new directors to your board, or purchasing new or used vehicles, Experian’s background checking tools can help you gain a true understanding of the bigger picture. Click the titles below to discover how its services can help you find out what you need to know – fast.

Not every potential hire is going to be honest about their background. Hiring the wrong people could mean more than just the risk of internal fraud or income loss – it could do untold damage to your company’s reputation. Background checking does not have to be difficult, time-consuming or even costly. With the right tools at hand, due diligence could become a breeze. 

Avoid false checks

Is that perfect candidate really who they say they are? A potential hire providing fraudulent identification could cause your DBS criminal check to fail or, worse, pass incorrectly. By building a background checking API like those supplied by Experian directly into your workflow, you can validate a candidate’s identity even before requesting DBS or Enhanced DBS reports.

Go beyond DBS checks

Criminal record checks lack nuance. Some candidates may pass a DBS screening but hide financial irregularities or bad behaviour which could make them a poor fit for your company. Pre-employment checks can paint a more vivid picture. Experian, for instance, can offer reports on a candidate’s financial history, their activities on social media, as well as their personal references, to give you a reliable idea of an applicant’s character and status.

Screen candidates effectively

The slow pace of accurate pre-employment screening can bog down new employee onboarding. Some tools can automate and accelerate the vetting and screening process, however. One is Experian’s Candidate Verifier. It offers a full suite of checks in one place and feeds back the information you need in a clear, easy-to-understand format.

Track status changes

Background checks are not only for new employees. Work and education history doesn’t change, but life does, and criminal activity may alter the suitability of employees over time. Routinely re-screening employees with a post-employment background check, either individually or as a whole workforce, can help you identify any changes that may affect an employee’s right-to-work status over time. 

Frequently asked questions

Below are some of the most common questions about background checking and our answers.

A background check helps you understand an individual’s background, including their identity, education, employment history, credit history and any relevant criminal record information.  Our background checking tools help you identify inconsistent or adverse information, helping you make fully informed decisions. Background checks are vital when taking on new recruits, re-screening existing employees and finding trustworthy tenants for a property.


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