Personalisation is key when it comes to offering a great customer experience, whether it’s through an email newsletter, social media advert or special offer on a product. However, personalisation can be a challenge when data is lacking, for example on new visitors to your website. This can make it difficult to personalise the content of a webpage to match the needs and preferences of new customers.

Using Audience Insights to better understand your customers

Gathering meaningful data about customers can be time consuming and a lot of data being collected happens after a transaction has been made, which means it’s too late to offer them a more personalised experience.

This is where Audience Insights can help. By giving you access to a full range of Experian data we can help reveal more about a new customer from the moment they land on your website.

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How does Audience Insights work?

Audience Insights can be used in several ways to benefit the customer. When someone visits a website for the first time, Audience Insights:

  • returns fresh, accurate data to the website or app, enabling marketers to immediately optimise the content of the webpage, which improves the customer journey
  • shines light on whether a related device has visited the site before which allows a more complete view of the customer journey
  • can be integrated with optimisation and retargeting platforms to help marketers get the most value from the data as quickly as possible

Why use Audience Insights?

Optimised user experience

Offer a more personalised experience on your website to keep potential customers engaged for longer. 

Consistent engagement

Ensure consistency by using the same data sets throughout the customer journey, both online and offline.  

Bespoke segmentation

Create bespoke segments for your individual needs through the use of Experian data, allowing you to more easily and consistently deliver better experiences.

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