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How to reach and enhance audiences across a fragmented digital landscape

For marketers, it’s vital to expose your brand to as many relevant audiences as possible. Understanding your consumers and the channels and devices they use expands your reach, tailors user experiences, and unlocks media efficiency.

Yet, how marketers achieve this is changing quickly. Evolving privacy regulation and the phasing out of third-party cookies by tech giants Apple and Google means that nearly 70% of UK consumers are now ‘unreachable’ through conventional programmatic advertising. As this gap between brands and consumers widens, marketers need an alternative solution for addressing audiences.

Purpose-built for a cookieless future, Consumer Sync by Experian offers open and agnostic linkage. The solution connects and ingests nearly all types of IDs including UIDs, MAIDs, IPs, and Hashed Emails, to build unified audience profiles for accurate, relevant addressability.



What is addressability and linkage?

Addressability is used in marketing to refer to our ability to reach consumers across digital channels and devices. Digital addressability has been typically achieved through third-party cookies.

Linkage is the process by which we connect and match identifiers, such as IP addresses or Hashed Emails, back to a single identity or household. This enables addressability, even in a cookieless future, by connecting disparate pieces of user data across different sources.

As the industry shifts away from third-party cookies and seeks new ways to reach and address audiences, linkage is ever-more important.



Digital onboarding

Many organisations sit on a wealth of offline CRM data but struggle to translate this into the digital world, meaning missed opportunities to activate against their existing first-party data and enable truly omnichannel marketing experiences. Experian’s addressability and linkage solution solves this. We connect your first-party data to a range of other digital IDs, including UIDs, HEMs and IP addresses, to reach your audiences online and effectively onboard IDs for digital activation. This is critical for strengthening your ability to personalise messaging based on your own customer segments. Plus, it allows you to drive media efficiencies through wider audience reach and audience suppression.

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Solutions for digital onboarding

Match offline identities to online profiles for digital onboarding.

Consumer Sync

Audience insights

Brands and publishers have vast quantities of unknown visitors, or ‘unauthenticated traffic’, landing on their digital properties daily without knowing who they are or how best to engage them. Experian’s linkage capabilities use machine-learning algorithms to intelligently stitch site traffic together with other identity datapoints to make the unknown, known. Enrich resolved IDs with Experian’s powerful demographic insight to understand who is interacting with your brand including their demographic profile, interests, propensities, and behaviours. Use this insight to inform engagement strategy and tailor content and communications to deliver more meaningful consumer interactions.

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Solutions for audience insights

Resolve and enrich IDs to better reach and understand your audiences.

Consumer Sync

Better understand and engage your audience with accurate insight and activation solutions.

Consumer Insights

Audience extension

Growing signal loss is putting increasing pressure on brands, publishers, and platforms – fragmenting audiences and reducing campaign efficiency. Sophisticated addressability and linkage from Experian match and connect offline and online identifiers to enable the reach of your visitors or customers across the open web; and the ability to reach others like them. Retarget your audiences across a range of devices and channels to ensure relevant ongoing exposure. Enrich your first-party data with Experian’s rich demographic insights to build advanced look-a-like models to uncover further coverage and scalability, enabling effective campaigns.

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Solutions to support audience extension

Connect first-party data to relevant digital IDs to scale your audiences across the open web.

Consumer Sync

Measure campaign performance

Measuring incrementality is a common challenge for fragmented media channels, or brands and publishers with dispersed customer data. By connecting and resolving offline and online data, Experian facilitates richer measurement and more advanced attribution of sales back to marketing activity. Better demonstrate the value of your content and campaigns through intelligent measurement powered by Experian.

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Solutions to measure campaign performance

Connect, measure and activate.

Consumer Sync

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