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Data enrichment and enhancement

Business and marketing data enrichment allows brands and businesses to learn more about their users and customers, whether business or consumer. Reduce risk by improving the accuracy, quality, and reliability of data while helping to fill gaps in incomplete data sets. Enrichment also helps to increase the value of data by enhancing it with additional information and intelligence.

Data enrichment and data enhancement is the process of expanding existing data sets with additional information often from third-party sources. This process provides businesses with important information about customers, helping to build a complete and rich customer profile from simple data inputs.

Enriching and enhancing data can help to build a better understanding of the customer and provide insight into their preferences and behaviours. This helps to improve the user experience, build meaningful customer relationships, and create personalised and targeted marketing campaigns.

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What is data enrichment and why is it important?

Customer and B2C data

Customer and B2C data enrichment enhances your marketing efforts through rich consumer demographic data, contact data, geographical data, and behavioural data. Incorporating a process to enrich this data will allow you to know and understand your customer better to market them more successfully. With access to detailed insight into your prospect and customer, you can build personalised experiences, collect valuable data, identify the needs of your customer, and access information to contribute to strategy development and planning.

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Organisation and B2B data

Organisation and B2B data enrichment for sales and marketing focus on improving, updating, and expanding existing B2B data sets by analysing additional data sources and market insights. The main five types of B2B data include demographic, firmographic, technographic, chronographic, and intent data. This information ensures your data is accurate, complete, and refined. B2B data enrichment and enhancement will identify redundant information, improve data quality for more informed business decisions, and boost business outcomes.

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Database enrichment

Database enrichment is the process of enhancing your current database by supplementing missing or incomplete data sets and correcting incorrect or mistyped information. This means adding details to an existing customer, contact, or company information. By accessing a range of internal systems and third-party data, you can enhance, refine, and validate your contact database.

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Marketing data enrichment

Data enrichment is one of the key ways to optimise marketing efforts and improve sales. Enriched customer data allows marketers to better understand their audience and their purchasing behaviours, including what offers they are interested in, which products or services they are interested in, and what drives them to complete a purchase.

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Enrichment API

Enrichment API makes manual updates a thing of the past and introduces a more effective and efficient alternative to your business. The API (Application Programming Interface) for data sharing and enrichment is a set of coding-based rules that allow applications to communicate with each other. With Experian APIs, your data is updated in near real-time to ensure your data is compliant and up-to-date, without manual and labour-intensive processes.

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Data matching

Mass data is often structurally inconsistent and messy with incomplete records and incorrect data sets. Keying is the process of cleaning, standardising, and normalising data to provide a consistent and unique identity for each record. Keying is a fundamental prerequisite to help maximise your data matching. Experian Link keying solution identifies households, families, individuals, and dwellings and assigns unique keys to all data sources. This enables better internal matching of data ready for enrichment. Improving your data match ultimately improves database efficiency.

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Single customer view

A single customer view is a process of gathering all data about every customer and prospect and merging the findings into one single record or report. This showcases a unified customer view and gives you greater insight into your customers to make more informed decisions. By creating a single customer view across all your internal data stores, you maximise your understanding of your customers and prospects and how to better engage and reach them.

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Customer retention

While customer acquisition is the process of attracting and gaining new custom, customer retention focuses on developing better relationships and improving customer experience with existing customers. Whereas customer acquisition campaigns offer quick sales, customer retention is a long-term strategy and is just as important.

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