Experian Hitwise

As a marketer, you want to be where your customers are: with people leading more and more of their lives on the web, you need to have insight into online living. Experian Hitwise accesses the world’s largest sample of online consumer behaviour — so you increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

Because of the size of the Experian Hitwise sample, we are able to report on millions of unique Internet users, hundreds of millions of monthly site visits and tens of millions of monthly searches. It's an unparalleled data resource that allows you to understand internet behaviour and competitive activity in unique detail.

Detailed Online Understanding — for Competitive Advantage

Getting down into the detail allows you to deliver competitive advantage. Experian Hitwise brings you:

  • Competitive Intelligence: understand how your competitors are preforming to compare, contrast and learn —optimising your own online offering.
  • Search Intelligence and SEO: Experian Hitwise monitors millions of search terms, allowing you to see how customers search for your products and create strategies that ensure your offering is always at the head of the search results queue.
  • Custom Research: answer the fundamental questions asked of your specific online environment, such as who your best customers are, how to keep them and how to attract more.
  • Customer Insight: understand more about your customers’ online lives with enriched data from Experian Hitwise. You build behavioural and competitive segmentation for precision audience profiling — and insight into the journeys they take to find products and services, turning browsers into buyers.
  • Optimise for Mobile: as increasing numbers of customers access the web, social media and email on the go, we ensure that your marketing campaigns are optimised to the mobile channel.

Find out how Experian Hitwise brings online intelligence to your web strategies.

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