Cross-Channel Marketing

Cross-Channel engagement is the modern marketing reality. Today, piecemeal approaches aren’t enough and success depends on every channel integrating with and supporting the rest.

Your customers don’t see channels — to them it’s just life. They move seamless across channels and your marketing needs to be with them wherever they choose to engage. At Experian Marketing Services, we ensure that you have a flexible and responsive approach to engagement so your messaging is always where your customers are.

Cross Channel Marketing

  • Email Marketing:

    transform email into a precision marketing approach with Experian Cross-Channel Marketing Platform and target the right customers at the right time with the right message - every time.
  • Social Marketing:

    specialist insight from Experian Alchemy Social brings social marketing into the cross-channel mainstream, with speed to market, optimised results and real time campaign management.
  • Mobile Marketing:

    Experian Hitwise know-how allows you to understand your mobile customers' behaviours - to anticipate and meet expectations - whilst delivering personalised mobile experiences that drive sales across channels.
  • Direct Marketing:

    combine the benefits direct mail engagement with all the advantages of the digital age - by harnessing customer data, Direct Mail Marketing becomes as automated, precise and targeted as any digital channel.
  • Search Marketing:

    Experian Hitwise expertise monitors over 50 million search terms each week to bring you detailed consumer analysis. It means your online offerings are always in pole position.
  • Database Services:

    Harness your customer data for effective cross-channel marketing campaign management.

Find out how Experian Marketing Services transforms your channel engagement - and ensures you are with you customers, wherever they may be.

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