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Data Validation Checks

We offer a range of Background Checks to validate different sets of personal information. These include:

Directors Search

This uses our Directors  Database to verify:

 Background and Track Record

 Current and previous directorships

 Current disqualifications.

Sanctions File Check

This checks:

 Data relating to high risk individuals in the context of money laundering activities

 A daily updated fil including data from:

- US Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC)

- The list of non-co-operative countries and territories (NCCT)

- Bank of England

- Politically Exposed Persons list (PEP)

Media Searches

Media Searches:

 Supplement an application

 Interrogate media sources and news feeds

 Give you as complete and balanced a view of potential candidates as possible

 Source matching identity information

 Search for new information as well as reinforcing what you already know

 Find supporting positive information as well flag potentially adverse information

 Give you the confidence to make the best informed decision.

Driving Licence Check

DVLA check to confirm the licence is:



 Appropriate for the position.

FCA Check

An FCA Check identifies:

Controlled functions - current/previous

Appointed representative - Current/previous

Any disciplinary details.

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