Criminal and enhanced DBS checks for your business

Mandatory screening processes for positions involving work with children and vulnerable adults.

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Recruit with confidence

Do you really know who you’re hiring? It’s not enough to check that candidates are who they say they are. To protect your business, your employees and your clients, you need to be confident that new recruits don’t pose any risks. 

Being a Government Responsible Organisation criminal record check provider, you can trust us to help you recruit the right talent for the right job, with complete peace of mind. 

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How criminal record checks benefit your business

Identify inconsistent or unfavourable information about candidates, so you can hire the perfect talent for the job and safeguard your business from losses.

  • Protect your business: Thoroughly review all relevant criminal record information
  • Hire the best candidates: Make sure you employ the right talent for the right roles
  • Save money and reduce admin: Avoid paperwork and speed up vetting processes
  • Make smarter decisions: Make hiring decisions based on facts, not guesswork


Basic, standard and enhanced DBS checks


Meet compliance obligations


Make hiring decisions based on facts


Safeguard against potentially dangerous or fraudulent candidates


Reduce paperwork and admin


Protect your business from losses and reputational damage

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Key features of our criminal record check services

Our basic, standard and enhanced DBS checks help you carry out the right level of screening for each particular role. Basic DBS checks list ‘unspent’ convictions. Standard and enhanced checks highlight spent convictions, as well as cautions, reprimands and warnings. This information will help you decide whether a candidate poses any risks to your business if they are barred from particular roles.

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Make quicker decisions for faster hiring

Identify and sign up the best talent fast, at the touch of a button.

  • Reduce admin with a paperless, fully tracked system
  • Automatically extract data from candidate applications
  • Impress candidates with a seamless application process
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Re-screen existing employees to protect your business

Screen large numbers of existing employees or candidates at once. Reduce manual processing and backlogs.

  • Save time and reduce paperwork
  • Provide candidates with a slick and seamless process
  • Get a clearer picture of a person’s history
  • Significantly reduce time spent chasing background checks
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Screen candidates quickly and effortlessly

Carry out quick and simple background checks, including criminal record checks, before you hire.

  • Carry out a full range of checks in one place
  • Benefit from a faster, paperless vetting process
  • Comply with your regulatory obligations
  • Streamline the application process for candidates
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Make sure you comply with the law

Check whether the person you are going to employ has the right to work in the UK.  Did you know that for every employee found not to have the right to work in the UK, you could be fined £20,000?

  • Meet Home Office guidelines
  • Reduce paperwork and costs
  • Keep up to date with legislation changes

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Criminal record checks are conducted by the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS).  An enhanced DBS check is one of the most rigorous checks it carries out and includes a thorough check of a person’s criminal history. This level of check is compulsory for people hoping to work with children and vulnerable adults. This is because the aim of the check is to make sure that people who pose risks to these groups are identified and prevented from taking on these roles.

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