Identity Verification for Pre-Employment Screening

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Identity Checks and Identity Verification

Running an identity verification check on a potential employee should be the first step in any UK background check. Experian Background Checking offers an Employee Identity Check and will -

Check the individuals details against those on the Electoral Roll

Provide confidence that the candidate you are dealing with is who they say they are

Ensure all subsequent reference checks are viable

Verify a candidate's current and up to two previous addresses

Use ‘Authenticate’ to provide a score to indicate Experian's degree of confidence in an person’s identity

Verify the Identity of Candidates

Identity verification and individual identity checks are essential to ensure that a candidate is who they say they are. Without this first crucial step to verify and check the name and identity of an individual other subsequent checks can be rendered ineffective as other checks would be being performed against potentially inaccurate personal details.
For example, a person can avoid a criminal records check by omitting addresses, providing false addresses or incomplete contact details, such as alias information (e.g. maiden names).

Verify Identity Details with Experian Background Checking

Employee Identity Checks are built into Experian Background Checking and are the basis of all the checks we make to help inform your recruitment decisions. We can electronically establish a degree of confidence in a person’s identity and can confirm that the person is who they say they are.
Identity Check is just one of the checks Experian Background Checking provides. Click here to view the full range of background checks that are available.

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