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Employee Reference Checks

Experian Background Checking offers a range of pre-employment checks including employee reference checks which are designed to check the background of your new recruits to ensure that they have the correct credentials and qualifications for the job before you employ them.

The Experian Background Checking service will verify that the information on a candidate’s CV about their previous employment history, education and professional qualification are true and accurate. This type of background and reference check is recommended for all new employees entering your UK business, regardless of their job role or the industry you work in.

An employee reference check from Experian Background Checking will provide you with complete transparency and will ensure that you here are no doubts about employment gaps or the experience and qualifications they claim they have.

You can find out more about the individual types of employee reference checks that Experian Background Checking offers here -

Job History
Employment History Check
Education & Qualification Check

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