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Unlimited access to your Experian Credit Score. The higher it is the more chance you have of getting credit deals.

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View your credit report as often as you like. If anything is incorrect, just tell us and we'll help. View a sample report.

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CreditExpert continuously monitors your Experian Credit Report and alerts you to certain changes and potential fraudulent activity.

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£2 Statutory Credit Report

The Experian statutory credit report contains a snapshot of your credit history and is available to authorised lenders carrying out a credit check.

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(Based on a survey of 132 consumers conducted between January and March 2014)

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Visit our blog for advice on how to build and maintain a great credit score and our Ask James Q&A

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Credit Report Versus Credit Score: What's the Difference?

Your Experian Credit Score ranges from 0 to 999 and quantifies your credit risk; a higher score indicates lower risk.

Your Experian credit report details your credit history. Individuals who feel there are inaccuracies in their credit report can correct erroneous information by disputing the report with us.

Credit Check: Why is it important to check your Experian credit report regularly?

Many people frequently pay attention to their credit scores when they make big purchase decisions, such as a new car or a home. While these are some of the most familiar reasons consumers monitor their credit reports, credit scores and reports are actually used for many other reasons as well.

A good credit score may lead to you being offered better rates on common products such as credit cards, car insurance premiums and mobile phone contracts. Some employers even check prospective employees' credit reports before making final hiring decisions. In addition, despite increased public awareness of identity theft, the crime continues to grow. Therefore monitoring your credit report and score has never been more important.

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Rebecca Kennedy

"CreditExpert has been a life saver for my family, we had no idea what state our finances were in and thanks to CreditExpert we are both on track to repairing our financial status and can manage our money so much better."

Leah Barlow

"Since I joined 6 months ago, you have helped me clean up my credit report and I have now successfully obtained my first mortgage to buy my first home (improving my credit score by over 200 points in the process). Thank you for all your help, I would have been blind without you."

PFEG Personal Finance Education Group

"Working together, by the end of this three-year Experian/PFEG programme we will have transformed the teaching of financial education in more than 20 schools in areas of deprivation across the country, at a time when it has never been more important to ensure that young people are taught these crucial life skills."

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Ask James

James Jones is Experian's Head of Consumer Affairs and offers expert advice on credit and identity fraud.

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