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Your car finance questions answered

How does car financing work?

Car finance allows you to buy a new or used car without having to pay for the vehicle all in one go. There are several different car finance options available.

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Can I get car finance with bad credit?

Even if you have bad credit, it’s often possible to get car finance. Some lenders offer deals designed especially for those with poor credit.

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What is PCP car finance?

PCP stands for ‘personal contract purchase’. With PCP you loan a car until the contract ends. You only pay off what the car will lose in value over the term of the deal. You won’t own the car unless you pay the resale value.

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What is HP car finance?

HP stands for ‘hire purchase’. This is where you hire the car until you’ve paid for it. You normally pay an up-front deposit, then make monthly repayments. You own the car once you have paid off the loan.

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