The UK’s most trusted Credit Score

Our best in class claims

We make a few big claims on our website and in our marketing, such as offering the UK’s best or most reliable credit score, but we’ve got the evidence to back it up.

Every year we commission a survey to find out what the public thinks of Experian and other credit scoring companies.

The most recent survey was hosted by ICM Unlimited in June 2018 and asked a nationally representative sample of 2,011 adults the question below.

“Banks and other financial institutions use credit reports to inform lending decisions. There are a number of companies that use credit reports to create credit scores, and that consumers can use to access their credit score. Which company’s credit score do you think is…? “

We found that around half (exact percentages in brackets) of the respondents put us in the top spot for every answer, saying Experian provides the UK’s:

  1. Leading credit score (58%)
  2. Best credit score (53%)
  3. Most used credit score (61%)
  4. Most reliable credit score (54%)
  5. Highest quality credit score (55%)
  6. Most accurate credit score (52%)
  7. Most trusted credit score (59%)

Interviews were conducted across the UK and the results have been weighted to the profile of all adults.

Respondents who did not express an opinion and answered ‘don’t know’ have been excluded from the results, which means the percentage only reflects those who expressed an opinion.

The companies included for comparison were: Experian, Equifax, Noddle, Totally Money, ClearScore, ‘Other’ and ‘None of these’.

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