Data Access Request

Requesting data for someone else

If you're requesting data from Experian on someone else’s behalf (you’re a “third party”), you can't use our self-service tool. Instead, so we can process the request, we need a written request from you that includes:

  • A signed and dated declaration from the data subject (the person on whose behalf you’re making the request) showing the full name of the person or entity they have granted authority to and confirmation of what that data subject has authorised you to do.
  • The data subject’s full name, date of birth, email address and current address including post code. Where they haven’t lived at their current address for at least 6 years, we suggest you provide their address history for the last 6 years (this helps us to verify the request and provide relevant information in response).
  • 1 official form of identity verification showing full name, date of birth and the data subject’s signature, for example, a copy of their Passport or Driving Licence.
  • Confirmation whether the data subject wants to access their report online or have it posted to them. If you request the report by post you will also need to provide 1 form of address verification, dated within the last 3 months, showing current address of the data subject, for example, copy of a bank statement or copy of a utility bill.

Once we have the above information, we will start to process the request. The simplest way for the data subject to get a copy of their data is online.

Online access:

  • For security purposes, we send a Passkey to the data subject’s current address (as listed on our Credit Bureau)
  • The data subject can then input the Passkey into our online service and input their email address
  • We will send a download link to that email address for the data subject to download their report

If the data subject wants you, the third party, to access their report on their behalf, they can share the Passkey with you.

Offline access:

  • If the individual doesn’t want to access their data online, you can ask us to send them a paper version of their report instead. We will send this to the data subject’s current address, as listed on our Credit Bureau. With this credit report we will tell them how to request additional information if required.

Please note, we will always contact the data subject directly should we believe it necessary to maintain appropriate levels of data security.

If you already have Power of Attorney or a Court of Protection document that gives you access to their information, you can also email or post it to us.