Third Party Data Access Request

Requesting data on someone else’s behalf

If you're requesting data from Experian on someone else’s behalf (you’re known as a “third party”), we’ll need a written request from you that includes:

A signed and dated letter from the person whose data you’d like to access. This letter must include:

  • The full name of the person they’re granting authority to
  • What they are authorising them to do

The letter must also include:

  • Their full name
  • Their date of birth
  • Their current address (and address history for the last six years)
  • Their e-mail address if relevant
  • One official form of identity showing their full name, date of birth and their signature. This could be a copy of their passport or driving licence

The letter must also say if they want to access their report online or if they want it posted to them. If they want to access it online, we will post a passkey to their current address. They will need to enter this online.

If you request the report by post, you will also need to provide proof of their address. This could be a copy of a bank statement or utility bill dated within the last three months.

Once we have the above information, we can deal with the request. Visit our Contact us page to find our address details.

Power of Attorney

If you have Power of Attorney for someone and need to access their credit report, please send us the documents below so that you can act on their behalf.

  • Power of Attorney (Property and Affairs LPA). This document (it can be the original or a copy) will only need to be certified by a solicitor if it has not been stamped by the Office of the Public Guardian
  • A photocopy of either the applicant's passport, birth certificate or driving licence
  • Two original documents dated within the last three months, confirming the address you would like the report sent to. Documents you can send include a bank statement, utility bill, mortgage statement, Council Tax bill, credit card statement, mobile phone bill. The two documents must be for different types of bills or statements

If you are a solicitor and have Lasting Power of Attorney for someone then you do not need to send additional documents. Please contact us and we’ll advise you on the process to get your client’s credit information.

Grant of Probate

If you’re requesting a credit report for someone who has died, please provide us with:

  • A copy of the Grant of Probate/Grant of Letters of Administration confirming you are authorised to deal with the financial affairs of the deceased
  • A photocopy of either your passport, birth certificate or full driving licence
  • Two original documents dated within the last three months, confirming where you live and would like us to send the report to

You should ideally complete a Statutory Credit Report application to ensure we have all the relevant information. You can also send a letter including:

  • Name of the deceased and any previous names they may have been known by
  • Date of birth of the deceased
  • Previous addresses for the deceased for the last 6 years

If you do not have the Grant of Probate, please contact us and we’ll help you through the process.